Rules of the Road

The renter is responsible to make sure the unit returned broom swept clean, countertop & bathroom/toilet wiped down w/ cleaning products (provided), garbage removed, all kitchen equipment washed clean and stored back in the proper previously stored location.

Failure to do any or all of the above will result in fee of $50.00 from the card on file.

No Smoking, vaping or drug use is allowed in vehicle, your entire security deposit will be held until smoke remediation can be obtained. whatever the remediation specialist charges PLUS a service fee of $100 will be assessed from the card on file.

Furry friends are Welcome no Felines or Rodents. Please advise the size, breed and age of your little friend.

Add Ons for Additional Offerings we will Provide to Ensure you ENJOY OUR RIDE!

You are responsible for any ticket, tolls, tows, and impounds. Even if the notice arrives after late fees and admin fees have compounded.

Tire damage is the responsibility of the renter, if the renter believes it is due to negligence, the tire must be brought back for a professional evaluation. Reimbursement is based on that result
If there is a mechanical failure or problem requiring roadside assistance, the renter should call roadside assistance number provided by the insurer and alert the owner immediately. RENTER SHALL NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE REPAIRS. Out of pocket expenses for repairs required and which are not covered by insurance or roadside assistance will be reimbursed by the owner upon return of the vehicle as long as the owner is made aware prior to such repairs and receipts are provided

Renter is responsible for checking/ maintaining engine oil level,tire pressure and coolant levels at each refuelling. Cost due to negligence resulting in mechanical damage or tire damage will be the renter’s responsibility.

Owner will provide information on operation of coach at the time of pickup and will provide instruction manuals for the operation of coach systems, features and appliances. It is the renter’s responsibility to understand and follow instructions. Failure to use proper handling of any of the systems, features or appliances in RV may result in damage and the renter will be liable for the cost to repair.

Awning use is strictly prohibited any wind or rain. must be with the awning & under it during the use of the awning.

If the broken or the material is torn you surrender your ENTIRE security deposit and will receive no refunds. This does not release you from paying for overages or other damage that would come from the card on file.

Returns are due from 10am until 4pm at 4:01 you are late and may incur a late fee. Pick up is from 10am until 4pm at 4:01 you are late and may incur a late fee. Delivery are scheduled @ park times or availability to be delivered in no order as they come in.
It is liked if the renter is present at the time of delivery but, doesn’t have to be.

If plan to pick up earlier or drop off late do have a $50 fee, if violate the above time slot $80 fee

No first come first serve RV slots will be delivered. Rv slot reservation (site#) must be told at booking or sent to us 2 days before delivery.

If use Generator must be full at pickup or return $50 charged a fee if not filled.

Not climbing or sitting on the roof. $100 fee will occur.